Misty KnightMisty Knight (Marvel's Luke Cage."

The character, who [SPOILER] lost an arm in a battle with villain Bakuto (Ramón Rodríguez) in Marvel's "The Defenders," is getting a bionic arm, just like in the comics.

EW has an exclusive photo of Knight ready for action with her new prosthetic arm, side by side with Cage (Mike Colter).

Missick shared the photo on Twitter calling her "Misty Knight 2.0" and the hashtags #MistySoLit and #BionicBae.

In the comics, Tony Stark designs her new arm, which was lost in a bombing. It offers her not only superhuman strength, but impressive new powers including generating energy blasts and gravity fields, but the ability to control robots. Sweet.

Marvel's "Luke Cage" returns in 2018 on Netflix.