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It's been 30 years since "Ghostbusters II" got the gang back together. It may not have entirely satisfied fans of the 1984 original, but bustin' always makes us feel good. Celebrate this big movie milestone by learning more about the making of "Ghostbusters II."

1. Several changes were made to the sequel in order to reflect the popularity of the animated series "The Real Ghostbusters." That included bringing back Slimer as comic relief, avoiding any scenes of the Ghostbusters smoking and changing Janine's appearance to more closely resemble her animated counterpart.

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2.Ben Stein has a small cameo in the film, but he almost had a much bigger role. Stein was considered as a possible replacement for Bill Murray after Murray showed a reluctance to participate in the sequel.

3. The original screenplay contains several scenes not included in the actual film, including a sequence where Ray is possessed by Vigo while driving the Ecto-1 and attempts to kill the other Ghostbusters.

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4. The film also has a deleted subplot in which Rick Moranis' Louis lays various traps for Slimer, hoping to prove his mettle as a Ghostbuster.

5. Vigo actor Wilhelm Von Homburg didn't know his lines would be dubbed over by Max von Sydow, and he stormed out of the premiere after discovering the change.

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6. Vigo isn't based on a specific historical figure, but his appearance and back-story were strongly influenced by Vlad Dracula and Grigori Rasputin.

7. The twin babies cast as Oscar are the nephews of singer John Denver.

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8. "Ghostbusters II" set a new record for highest opening weekend box office gross when it hit theaters. Unfortunately, that record was broken again the following weekend by "Batman."

9. The movie was the source of a minor controversy thanks to a tie-in "Ghostblaster" toy released at Hardee's fast food restaurants. 2 million units were recalled after the toy was deemed a choking hazard.

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10. Two of director Ivan Reitman's children have cameos in the film. Catherine Reitman plays the girl with the puppy in Egon's lab, while Jason Reitman plays the child who exclaims, "Ghostbusters are full of crap!"

11. Ironically, Jason Reitman has now been tapped to direct the long-awaited "Ghostbusters 3", due for release in 2020.

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