• Max  von Sydow

    Max von Sydow

    Born on April 10th, 1929

    From Lund, Sweden


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Red King, White Knight Poster

Red King, White Knight

Learning of a plot by disgruntled KGB agents to kill the Soviet General Secretary, the CIA sends retired agent Stoner (Tom Skerritt) to the Soviet Union to determine the truth of the assassination rumors. After confirming that a group of men led by Tulayev (Tom Bell) is preparing to strike, Stoner turns to his former girlfriend Anna (Helen Mirren) for help. The KGB sends ex-agent Szaz (Max von Sydow) to kill Stoner, but instead the two spies join forces to stop the shooting.

Outstanding Supporting Actor for a Miniseries or Special
Katinka Poster


Love develops between a provincial stationmaster's (Ole Ernst) dying wife (Tammi Øst) and a newcomer (Kurt Ravn) to their small community.

Guldbagge Award (1989)
Best Director