The Stars Hollow gazebo has a special place in the hearts of "Gilmore Girls" fans, and now that's more true than ever for one woman in particular.

Molly Larimer, a longtime "Girlmore Girls" devotee, was recently on a Warner Bros. studio lot tour when she got quite the surprise, as Mashable reports. She was standing in the iconic gazebo when her now-fiancé, Sebastian, got down on one knee and proposed to her. Aww.

Larimer told Mashable that she'd gone into the gazebo after volunteering to perform a little "improv scene" for her tour group, but she quickly discovered her boyfriend had his own plan. Luckily, someone caught the beautiful moment on camera, and now the video and photos are online for us all to enjoy.

As Larimer put it in her tweet, it was the "perfect proposal." We don't even know her and Sebastian, but we already ship them as much as we do Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham).

Just kidding, that's not possible. Still, congratulations to the happy couple!

[via: Mashable]