Hugh Jackman has officially finished filming his final outing as the mutant Wolverine, and the actor is marking the occasion by shedding the character's iconic facial hair for the last time.

Jackman took to Twitter to share the news and wield some shears, posting a video where he gives himself a shave. (Or starts to, anyway; the short clip is only the beginning of what we assume was a fairly lengthy process to cut through his thick beard.) The actor captioned the clip "#GoodbyeChops," a nod to Wolverine's signature scruff.

Jackman had plenty more to get rid of this time around, too, since set photos point to the flick (currently untitled) following the comics' Old Man Logan story line, for which the actor grew a large, bushy beard. Things apparently got pretty dicey with that unwieldy facial hair, too, since Jackman said in both the video and in its caption, "My wife is going to be very happy" that he was finally chopping it all off.

"X-Men" fans may feel differently, though, since this definitively marks the end of an era for both the actor and the franchise. As Jackman prepares to hang up his metal claws, we can't help but get nostalgic over his humble beginnings with the series, way back in 2000, when the little-known Aussie actor rocketed to superstardom thanks to his scene-stealing performance.

Fans will have some time to prepare themselves to say goodbye: "Wolverine 3" doesn't hit theaters until March 3, 2017.

[via: Hugh Jackman]