A week from today -- on Friday, July 31 -- we will be heading off to Camp Firewood to binge-watch Netflix's "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp." The eight-episode series, from David Wain and Michael Showalter, is a prequel to the 2001 movie, which became a cult classic. The second fans are finished watching all eight star-studded eps they're going to want more. So will there be more, like a Season 2 focusing on the next year at camp or whatever?

David Wain told Entertainment Weekly, "I think there's plenty more to do. If it all works out, it'd be great." One of the many stars, Amy Poehler, just talked to EW about her character, Susie, and whether she'd be up for a Season 2 return.

Oh, for sure. David and Michael and Netflix do it the way I like to do it, which is just fun and fast."

Yesssssss. But first things first. What can we expect from Amy's character Susie in this new "Wet Hot" series? Amy says...

We're going to see that she's a sexual person. Maybe in the movie, you were like, "What's her deal?" And then in the show, you realize, "Ahh, she's not getting laid." And it's bothering her. She's like, "Why doesn't my boyfriend like me?" Her boyfriend, played by Bradley [Cooper], is just not into it.... And then enter Claude Dumet [a Broadway director played by John Slattery who comes to Camp Firewood to stage a staff musical]. She's very impressed by his long list of credits."

So Amy Poehler + John Slattery, eh? Loving that "Parks & Rec"/"Mad Men" match. Besides, Bradley Cooper's character, Ben, would much rather hang out with Michael Ian Black's McKinley Dozen.

Are you planning to watch "Wet Hot" when it's out next week? Do you hope Netflix gives a green light to Season 2, maybe for a summer 2016 release?

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