Nearly 30 years after "Dirty Dancing" hit theaters, its star, Jennifer Grey, says she still gets asked to do the famous lift she performed with Patrick Swayze. Unfortunately for fans, that's never gonna happen.

In an interview with The Guardian, Grey discussed her most iconic role, and while she acknowledged the cultural significance of the flick -- "[W]e're so lucky to have worked on material with brilliant people and created characters with lasting value," she told the paper -- she said that she doesn't dwell in the past. When asked whether she's done the lift since, the actress was blunt in her response.

"God, no!" Grey replied. "I only did it on the day I shot it. Never rehearsed it, never done it since. I don't know how all these people who re-enact it have the guts to throw themselves into the arms of anyone other than Patrick Swayze. It's insane!"

The actress also revealed that when she appeared on season 11 of "Dancing With the Stars" (which she won back in 2010), producers pleaded with her "every day" to incorporate the move into one of her routines, but she refused.

"It's a non-starter," Grey said of such inquiries. "It happened, enjoy it, watch it over and over again but never ask me to do it again because I'm too f--king old.

"I have a family and I want to live longer," she added with a laugh.

​We guess it's still true that nobody puts Baby in a corner -- that corner now just happens to include "Dirty Dancing"-related requests.

[via: The Guardian]

Photo credit: Getty Images