"Joy" New York Premiere - Inside ArrivalsJennifer Lawrence may be known for her clumsiness at awards shows and on red carpets, but this time, she's hoping to commit a faux pas on purpose.

The Oscar-winning actress revealed in a recent interview that she and her new BFFAmy Schumer both want to wear the same dress to the Golden Globes, and Lawrence is planning on asking fashion house Dior (of which she's the face) to create two identical custom gowns for the stars.

"We're going to try to figure out to wear the exact same thing," Lawrence told E!. "That's my mission. I really want us to wear the same thing."

The stunt should be hilarious if the two actresses can pull it off, but it's stemming from more than just a desire to be cheeky on the red carpet: Lawrence and Schumer are both nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy at the Globes, and are going head-to-head for the same prize. The surprise nod for Schumer (up for her performance in film debut "Trainwreck") has inspired some (not-so-heated) competition between the pals, who both jokingly said in recent interviews that they were ending their friendship over it.

"It's really every woman for herself at this point, and I don't want her to kind of get in my head, you know?" Schumer told Entertainment Weekly.

Our fingers are crossed that this works out. After all, we're suckers for funny red carpet gags.

[via: E!, Entertainment Weekly]

Photo credit: Getty Images