Is Billy Joel the new Taylor Swift?

Not to be outdone by Swifty, who's been parading out famous pals left and right on her 1989 Tour, Joel invited both Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence onstage during his concert in Chicago on Thursday night. Naturally, as anything involving these two ladies is bound to be, the stunt was awesome.

Schumer and Lawrence joined Joel for a performance of "Uptown Girl," a tune that's featured prominently in Schumer's summer hit "Trainwreck." Schumer, Lawrence, and some pals recreated part of a dance that Schumer does to the song in the flick, and then Schumer and Lawrence climbed up on top of Joel's piano to freestyle dance to the tune.

These newly-christened BFFs -- who are writing a movie together, in case you haven't heard -- are having quite an awesome summer, what with vacationing together, and now crashing a concert together. Taylor Swift may have a squad to be envied, but we'd really love to join Schumer and Lawrence's girl gang, too.

Check out video of the performance below. (Side note: It appears the cameraman at the concert had no idea who Lawrence was, as the feed on the big screen stayed almost solely on Schumer the entire time. We appreciate J-Law dancing her heart out anyway.)

[via: Chicago Tribune]