Jimmy Fallon is like a puppy sometimes, in good and not-so-good ways. As host of "The Tonight Show" he loves his guests no matter what they say and do, laughing (too hard?) at their comments, gushing over everything they've ever done, and stroking their egos to make them comfortable enough to open up in interviews and be willing to play those silly, hilarious games. It's definitely working for him, since the biggest names sign up to do the craziest things for him, knowing he'll create a safe place for them to feel welcome and not judged. On the flip side, some critics have called him out for basically being a coddling ad space. He can drool too much.

During a new SiriusXM interview with Bill Carter, Carter asked Fallon to respond to the criticism that he's too "soft" on guests and, frankly, a "kiss ass" who loves everybody.

Fallon said "I do!" when told he seems like he loves everybody. Carter noted that he's probably never going to get into some deep issue, even talking to politicians, since his show is just meant to be fun.

"That's not my job," Fallon said. "It's not 'Meet the Press.' I'm not 'Face the Nation.' You can watch those shows and see that. My job is, again, is to make everyone look good, no matter who it is, whether you're a politician or whatever it is. We have people on that people don't like. I know that. But that's not my job. You make your own opinion. I can just show you the best person that they are and try to bring out their more personal side and play with them."

Just recently, he had Ariana Grande doing some Musical Impressions, and he had Jeb Bush slow jamming the news, among other not always adored people. The "Tonight Show" is just light, easy entertainment aimed at the widest possible audience. But seriously, Jimmy, maybe tone down the fake laugh a little bit?

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