Kevin Bacon as Fred Snr. in 'One Way.'

Kevin Bacon as Fred Snr. in 'One Way.'

After years in a development holding cell, the latest ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ movie, known as ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley’, is finally in production. And, according to DeadlineKevin Bacon is the latest recruit for the ensemble.

The cameras have been rolling for a while now, with Mark Molloy directing, working from the most recent draft of the script by Will Beall. Details on the story at this point are unknown right now, but you’ve got to figure it’ll see Eddie Murphy’s back in action, still pissing off people in power while getting the job done, even if he is a little more senior himself these days.

We’ve a feeling that, even if he has been promoted up the ranks, he’s the same old Axel. And use of the character’s name in the title has us wondering if, like Tom Cruise’s Maverick, he’ll be sticking to his same old rank, but able to offer the benefit of his wisdom to others.

The cast for the long-anticipated fourth ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ movie is a mixture of veterans and new franchise faces, of which Bacon falls into the latter camp, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Taylour Paige.

On the veterans side, mainstay Murphy will see some actors from past ‘Cop’ movies returning here.

Judge Reinhold is back as Detective Billy Rosewood, while John Ashton returns to play Sgt. Taggart, both of whom were sidekick cops to Murphy’s wisecracking Foley character. Paul Reiser was Foley’s Detroit cop partner, Jeffrey Friedman, in the first two movies. Bronson Pinchot, meanwhile, was sassy art gallery salesman Serge in the first and third.

Bacon’s character has yet to be detailed, though how much fun would it be for him to play a villain opposite Murphy?

Kevin Bacon in 'They/Them.'

Kevin Bacon in 'They/Them.' Photo by: Josh Stringer/Blumhouse. Copyright © 2022 Blumhouse Productions, LLC All.

It has been a busy time recently for Bacon, who has a regular gig on TV drama ‘City on a Hill’ while also finding time for work in movies ‘Space Oddity’, ‘They/Them’ and ‘One Way’.

Netflix has yet to announce a launch date for the new ‘Beverly Hills Cop’.

In other casting news, Dave Bautista is teaming back up with his ‘Hotel Artemis’ director Drew Pearce for action thriller ‘Cooler’.

Again, according to Deadline, the movie will star Bautista as South Beach bouncer Ray Sagona, who is on the brink of finding redemption and getting his family back.

But when a drug-filled safe is stolen from the super club he works at, Ray is blackmailed into finding it before the Miami PD narcotics bureau comes to retrieve it on Sunday night.

Now, as his past and present collide in ever-more dangerous ways, Ray must survive an epic 36-hour odyssey across Miami Beach to get that safe back.

Pearce aims to kick off shooting this one in summer next year.

Eddie Murphy in 'Beverly Hills Cop III.'

Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley in 1994's 'Beverly Hills Cop III.'