Who. Is. This. Tool?

"Game of Thrones" fans should channel Henry Cavill's arm reloading move and use it on whoever said this to Lena Headey during an interview.

Our queen deserves better.

Lena Headey -- aka Queen Cersei Lannister -- shared her story while struggling in the wild on "Running Wild With Bear Grylls." Bear and Lena started talking about filming the final "Game of Thrones" Season 8 and doing all the press junkets.

Bear asked how she is with the press, and Lena laughed that she's "horrible" with it all:

"Yeah, you have to do these things for all the awards and everything where loads of people interview you. I went in and was seven months pregnant, and [there was] a whole room of journalists, and this guy stood up and he said, 'Uh I just want to say that you're really disappointing in real life.' And he went, 'Is that your real hair?' And I went 'Yeah' and he said, 'The wig is much better. I like you as a blonde.' I was like, 'OK.' I was just crushed. How is that all right to say?"

Bear Grylls called that "unbelievable," and (jokingly) threatened to drag the guy across the mountain by rope.

Seriously. The Lannisters need to send their regards to whoever hurt Lena Headey like that.

Lena is beautiful with any hair color, pregnant or not pregnant. But even if you don't find her attractive, why the heck would you announce it during a press tour? Talk about unprofessional.

Anyway, that part of the interview comes around the 4-minute mark of this video, which is Lannister gold from start to finish:

"Game of Thrones" Season 8 -- with Cersei still currently on the Iron Throne -- arrives on HBO in the first half of 2019.

[Via: Insider]

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