There's nothing like outrage over outrage -- it's so meta. Saturday Night Live's" finale on May 16, and he did his job as a comedian: He touched a nerve, then fondled it, and left fans either laughing in appreciation or just squirming in discomfort. After the show, the real show began online, as a few viewers expressed disgust with Louis' monologue on child molestation and racism, and still more bashed the bashers with the classic reminder that this is what comedians do.

The jokes in question came during Louis' monologue, when he discussed growing up in the 1970s. He described his own "mild racism" (giving examples, including having to convince himself he wasn't scared of a black guy in a hoodie) and really went into detail about the town child molester. He said it was a true story that his neighborhood had a child molester, and he compared his own love for Mounds bars to what young boys must be like for pedophiles. He'd give up Mounds bars if he'd go to jail otherwise, but apparently little kids are too good to give up. As Louis put it...

Child molesters are very tenacious people. They love molesting [children], it's crazy. It's like their favorite thing! It's so crazy, because when you consider the risk in being a child molester ... there is no worse life available to a human than being a caught child molester. And yet they still do it. Which from you can only really surmise that it must be really good. From their point of view! Not ours! From their point of view, it must be amazing for them to risk so much."

Watch the monologue here:

He joked that it's probably his last show, and congratulated the audience for getting through it, but reaction has been mixed online. If you go to a site like People, which tends to be more family oriented, most of the commenters are disgusted, but on Twitter and YouTube the results seem to heavily fall into the "lighten up" column. Here are some reactions:

Most of the tweets are repeats of questions like "Did Louis C.K. go too far?" Apparently he went just far enough to get everyone talking, which had to be the objective.

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