‘Yesterday’ (2019)

Directed by Danny Boyle and starring Himesh Patel and Lily James, the film dares to ask the question “What would it be like if everyone on Earth forgot about the Beatles except for one guy who happened to know all their songs by heart?” A global blackout leads to this phenomenon, and Patel’s character must decide if taking credit for someone else’s songs and achieving enormous fame and riches is what it takes to make him truly happy. Seems like there’s a good chance, right?

‘Child’s Play’ (2019)

There comes a time in a person’s life when birthday presents from your parents become a huge bummer, and for Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman), that time is lucky number 13. His mom (Aubrey Plaza) has no idea that the Buddi doll (Mark Hamill) she got through unsavory means is homicidal, but she could have guessed, if only she had seen the original film this is remade from.

‘Shaft’ (2019)

Speaking of out-of-touch parents, John Shaft Jr. (Jesse T. Usher) now works in law enforcement, but that’s where the similarities with his estranged father (Samuel L. Jackson) end. When his friend is murdered, and he needs to think more like a bad-mother-shut-your-mouth, he’s forced to give dad a call to solve the case. Hopefully he’s not too busy looking great in a leather trench coat to pick up the phone.

‘Anna’ (2019)

The KGB brilliantly figures out that people let models do pretty much whatever they want, and if said model is smart and trained in several different fighting styles, she can kill people way sexier than a normal spy would. Anna (Sasha Luss) is such a model, and in a bid to escape poverty, she makes espionage her new talent. 

‘Pavarotti’ (2019)

Ron Howard directs this documentary about the legendary talent, who rose to prominence in a famously competitive industry to create work that endures as some of the most important the world has ever seen.