"The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus plays a motorcycle-riding badass on the AMC zombie drama, and he's also a motorcycle-riding badass in real life, which he'll showcase on a new reality series. But for his next role, Reedus wants to take that motorcycle-riding to a fiery new level.

In an interview with Uproxx promoting his new show, "Ride With Norman Reedus," the actor was asked about the ultimate biking icon: Marvel hero Ghost Rider, who was brought to life on the big screen by Nicolas Cage in the eponymous 2007 flick, and its 2012 sequel, "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." There's nothing official in the works yet, but Reedus -- who's a self-proclaimed fan of Cage's "Ghost Rider" flicks -- had an enthusiastic response to taking on the role of Johnny Blaze in a future reboot.

"Hell yeah," Reedus told Uproxx of his interest in the hypothetical project. "It would be a blast. Do I get a skull face that's on fire and all that stuff? F--k yeah. I'm down."

While it's worth repeating that there is no such film in development just yet -- and no one from Marvel has reached out to Reedus -- it's still a fun bit of speculation. As anyone who's watched him on "The Walking Dead" can attest, he's a magnetic onscreen presence; that he has the bike skills to back up the demands of the fiery superhero only further makes him a natural fit for the part. Here's hoping the folks at Marvel are paying attention, and give the actor a call.

[via: Uproxx]

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC