Can you imagine someone out there whose job -- actual job, business cards and everything -- was to impersonate you? Norman Reedus doesn't have to imagine.

"The Walking Dead" star was on "Conan" to talk about the time one of his friends went to a hotel and met a guy dressed just like Norman. "My friend goes 'You look like my friend Norman.'" The man responded, "Yeah, I play Norman Reedus." So Norman's friend said, "Oh, you dress as Daryl Dixon," meaning Norman's character on the AMC show. The man replied, "I do that on the weekends, but on the weekdays I play Norman Reedus."

Conan said it was pretty creepy, and made the good point that the guy could be using Norman's appearance to write checks in his name, or whatever. "Who knows what he's doing?"

Norman replied, deadpan, "I think he's gettin' laid."

The audience cheered and Conan guffawed, but Norman basically just shrugged. He knows it's true. Andy Richter said it would be a shame if the guy were doing better than the real Norman Reedus. Norman told Andy, "I think he probably is, to be honest." Conan said the guy not getting laid is the poor Conan impersonator.

Watch the interview:

Do you think the Norman impersonator gets bitten by fans, too?

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