Remember last week when ABC was like "'Revenge' is ending forever, bye!" and you started sobbing hysterically? Well, this week was the penultimate episode, and things are not going well for Emily Thorne. Mostly because she's in jail and everyone thinks she's a murderer, no big deal.

Get caught up on everything you need to know about Emily's revengenda before the show heads into its last episode ever on Sunday, May 10!

Emily Gets Out of Jail, Promptly Returns To Jail

Last week Emily was hauled into the slammer for Victoria Grayson's murder, which is problematic for several reasons: 1) orange is not her color, 2) she never got to confess her undying love for Jack "Shirtless For No Reason" Porter, and 3) her bitter ex-boyfriend, Officer Ben, is dead set on seeing her ruined.

The good news is Emily ends up being granted bail and put on house arrest. The bad news is she gets caught trying to hunt down Mason Treadwell (girl just can't help herself), and is once again thrown behind bars. The silver-lining is that she chats to some random backwoods townies and basically confirms that Victoria's alive and trying to blend in with the commoners.

Emily Tells Jack How She Feels, Margaux Gets Arrested

Jack and Emily are end-game on "Revenge" (total OTP up in here), and this week Em finally declares her feels during an awkward hang session on the porch. This display of affection promts Jack to a) smile insanely, and b) drive four hours into New York City to tell Margaux that Em was set up. While on this completely useless mission, Jack uses his detective skills to find out that Margaux shuttled Victoria's co-conspirator, Mason Treadwell, to a trailer park –– which means she's complicit in Queen V's evil plan!

So, what's Em's not-as-evil plan? She has Margaux framed for stealing diamonds, which lands her in jail. Naturally, Em sneaks out of her own cell and bullies Margaux into spilling the beans, and this French media mogul reveals that Victoria faked her death. Called it!

Em calls up Officer Ben to tell him the good news (turns out Victoria used an unclaimed dead body at the scene of her death), but unfortunately Ben's like "bye, Felicia" and totally rejects her. Sounds like someone's still thirsty for their ex-girlfriend....

Courtney Love Gets Her Kill On, It's Amazing

Not to make you spiral into a fit of depression, but David Clarke was given six months to live this week. Honestly, if "Revenge" ends with David dying, the producers have just been trolling us.

In other news, Charlotte is back (Remember her? Anyone?), and she has no interest in attending her mom's funeral –– something we learn when Louise Ellis pays her a visit. However, Charlotte does place a seed of doubt in Louise's mind by telling her that Victoria faked her death once before –– and when Louise finds a black hoodie in Queen V's hotel room (the same one Margaux wore to fake-attack her) she tells Officer Ben. This good cop is finally convinced that Em might be telling the truth, so he does some sleuthing, and –– surprise, surprise –– finds Mrs. Grayson herself.

Of course, Courtney Love wanders up and kills Ben on Margaux's orders, so it looks like Victoria is safe. Bless this woman's agent for getting her on this show.

Burning questions. We got 'em!

1. Now that Ben's dead, who will fight to release Emily from prison?
2. Is David Clarke going to die? Unacceptable. Don't do this to us, "Revenge"!
3. Will Louise realize she's been played, or continue believing Margaux's lies?
4. Will Emily kill Victoria during the season finale?
5. Speaking of the finale: how is this show going to end?!