This week on "The Blacklist," Raymond Reddington worked tirelessly to track down his enemies (and blew up a yacht while doing so –– no bigs), while his kinda-maybe-sorta daughter, Elizabeth Keen, made eyes at her estranged husband, hunted a blacklister, and learned a huge secret about her past. Spoiler alert: she's the descendant of Russian spies. Keep reading to find out more!

Keen Hunts A Deranged Blacklister, Agent Navabi Double Crosses Red (Or Does She?)

There's a new blacklister in town, and his name is Quon Zhang (aka "The Smuggler"). This nefarious gentleman specializes in –– wait for it –– exhuming recently deceased bodies and turning them into mail order corpse brides, so yes, you might say he has the creepiest job ever. Turns out Red put Zhang on The Blacklist because he has ties to The Director, and once in captivity he tells the task force that he was contracted by The Cabal to deliver a package. More specifically, a casket housing a mysterious agent named "Karakurt" who's part of The Director's evil master plan.

Speaking of The Director, Red's obsessed with finding out what he's up to –– other than being inexplicably villainous. Red tracks down Cabal member, Kenneth Jasper, to do a little digging, and eventually forces Agent Navabi to interrogate the poor guy. But wait! Instead of torturing Jasper, Agent Navabi reveals herself to be on The Director's bank roll, and then helps him escape. But wait again! Navabi's betrayal is actually part of Red's plan to make Jasper divulge information about The Director's plan to stage a terrorist attack. Our Red-inspired fedora just blew off from pure shock.

Elizabeth Learns The Truth About Her Mom, Causes Viewers To Gasp

Liz found a picture of her mom in Redington's apartment last week, and now she's on a mission to track this lady down –– with the help of her estranged husband, Tom Keen, no less! Tom recognizes the ring on Mama Liz's finger as being Russian, so he does what any normal ex would do: hangs out in a "spy spa" and chats with a bunch of naked Russians who refuse to give up information (they've been paid off by Red). Thanks to Tom being completely unhelpful, Liz decides to take matters into her own hands by breaking into Red's apartment and threatening to hunt down his secrets if he doesn't play ball.

Red agrees to come clean, and tells Liz the following bombshell: she was born in Moscow and the woman in the photo is her mother, Katarina Rostova...who happened to be a KGB agent. Our reaction: ?!?!?

Cooper's Life Hangs In The Balance, Liz and Tom Get Cozy

Over in the FBI's creepy underground offices (seriously, why do they never turn the lights on?), the newly evil Attorney General asks Agent Cooper to leak classified information. Naturally Cooper's way too moral to do this, so he takes the road of martyrdom and decides to risk his clinical trial by standing up to the AG. Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake ––– not only does Coop's wife go behind his back and leak the info, the Attorney General threatens to take down the task force if Cooper doesn't cooperate!

In other news, it should be noted that Liz and Tom's sexual tension is off-the-charts. It should also be noted that Tom still hasn't covered up his SS tattoo. Look at your life, look at your choices, buddy.

There are only a few episodes left of "The Blacklist's" second season, and obviously there are lots of burning questions that need to be answered:

1. Who is Agent Karakurt? He understands Russian, so could this possibly be Liz's long-lost dad?
2. Did Elizabeth's mother really die in the fire, or is she still alive and well?
3. What is The Director's sinister terrorist plan? And also, can someone explain why he's so evil?
4. Is Agent Cooper going to risk his life by refusing to play ball with the Attorney General, or will he continue to be a puppet?