Like most big trailers before it, the new "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" teaser has gotten a retro makeover, trading in special effects for practical ones and shiny new suits for the campy-looking classics.

The clip, courtesy of YouTuber Bobby Burns, features images of iconic actors Christopher Reeve and Adam West playing their own versions of Superman and Batman from their movies and TV show, respectively. We see Reeve flying around the globe gloomily as whispers from the original trailer wonder if this alien is really a savior, or the devil in disguise.

While Batfleck then enters the picture in the actual trailer, we meet West's version instead, running around with Robin and sliding down a firepole before he growls out to the Man of Steel, "Do you bleed? You will."

It's a bit jarring to see the sometimes silly, more simplistic iterations of the characters (and their less-impressive special effects) superimposed over the "Batman v Superman" trailer's dark, ominous dialogue and score, though it's worth it for the re-worked logo, which features the old emblems of the superheroes from Reeve and West's heydays. Check it out below.

[via: YouTube]

Photo credit: YouTube