Ryan Reynolds has once again shown off his master trolling skills by "leaking" the full movie of "Detective Pikachu" on YouTube.

Except, of course, it's a total fake — an elaborate marketing stunt for the Pokémon movie, which opens in theaters this weekend.

Reynolds tweeted an alert to Warner Bros. calling out the "pirated" copy of the film on YouTube. The video starts with a minute of what looks like the actual opening sequence, then is followed by 102 minutes of Pikachu dancing to '80s music:

The "full movie" already has more than 5.7 million views. In a nice touch, there is an "R. Reynolds" watermark in the corner of the video, as if Reynolds, who voices the titular character, uploaded a screener himself:

Reynolds has been very active in promoting "Detective Pikachu," including taping a fake "Inside the Actor's Studio" bit about his method acting process for the movie: