Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong—it’s a story that most people can share. “Hopefully, not to this extreme,” Sanaa Lathan tells Made in Hollywood of her character’s romance turned wrong in “The Perfect Guy.”

“Everybody has had that experience where they meet somebody and they are just smitten—they just think that person is it,” she says, “and then sooner or sometimes later you find out that that person is not who you thought they were.”

In the drama-thriller, Lathan stars as career-driven Leah Vaughn, whose blissful relationship with a long-term boyfriend Dave (Morris Chestnut) ends, leaving her emotionally vulnerable and a prime target for a new charming, handsome man Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy), whose volatile nature later reveals that he’s far from being the perfect guy he projects.

“The Perfect Guy” opens on Friday.

The Perfect Guy

"Trust one, fear the other."
PG-131 hr 40 minSep 11th, 2015