Two is better than one? Then how about six?

Marlon Wayans is playing six roles in the upcoming Netflix comedy "Sextuplets," which dropped its first trailer today.

Wayans plays Alan, who grew up thinking he was an only child. While searching for his birth mother, he learns the truth — he is far, far from being an only child. First, he meets his long-lost brother Russell and then the two of them go on a journey to find their other four siblings. But soon Alan starts wondering if he should've stayed an only child after all.

The wacky humor, prosthetics and body suits, and general vibe all recall Eddie Murphy's multi-role films, or something like "Austin Powers" where Mike Myers also played Dr. Evil. And of course Wayans is no stranger to donning costumes (see: "White Chicks").

"Sextuplets" premieres August 16 on Netflix.