There are challenges, and then there is what Marlon Wayans is doing for the upcoming Netflix comedy "Sextuplets."

The actor has big job ahead of him, to say the least. Wayans is going to play six lead characters in the film, Deadline reports. Yes, you read that right: six.

The "Marlon" star is playing the titular sextuplets, six brothers who didn't grow up all together. Their reunion will come about when one of them, Alan, sets out to meet his birth mother and finds his brother Russell. The two will end up road tripping together to find the others.

Again, that's a lot for Wayans to take on, but he is apparently eager to do it. His co-producer Rick Alvarez -- also one of the flick's co-writers -- said in a statement that they view the project as a "labor of love." Wayans added that he's "excited to be in business with Netflix on yet another project" after previously starring in "Naked."

"I am looking forward to doing the thing I love most... comedy," he said.

It might be a huge undertaking, but good for Wayans for being up for it.

"Sextuplets" is scheduled to begin production next month and could start streaming as early as 2019.

[via: Deadline]