Things are getting explosive on "The Blacklist," and we mean that in the most literal way possible. Last week, Elizabeth Keen and Raymond "Red" Reddington were hanging out in a detention facility casually taking down a blacklister (as ya do) when they were hit with a round of explosives ordered by the sinister folks at the NCS. But did Lizzy and her father-figure / possible actual father make it out alive? Read our recap to find out.

Braxton Captures Lizzy, Shots Are Fired
The good news: Lizzy and Red definitely aren't dead due to the fact that the NCS is completely terrible at routine bombings. The bad news: Luther Braxton whisks Lizzy away after The Factory is hit, shoves her in a helicopter and takes her to Alaska for a quick water-boarding session. FKA Hellboy's mission? To find The Fulcrum (aka the only leverage Red has over The Director's head) using Elizabeth's locked up memories to do so.

Unfortunately for Braxton, Elizabeth's past is majorly repressed, which gives him no choice but to kidnap a memory specialist who uses a "combination of hypnotherapy and pharmaceuticals" on her. Sounds super fun and not at all dangerous! So, what's Elizabeth been hiding about the mysterious night she and her stuffed bunny almost burned in a fire? From what we can tell by Lizzy's trippy memories, she was told to hide in a closet by a mysterious man wearing a ruby ring, and then spent most of the evening listening to a bunch of strangers argue. Not much else is revealed –– but Lizzy does wake up from her hypnosis gasping "my father was there," so suffice it to say she has daddy issues.

Reddington Works His Magic, More Shots Are Fired
Over in Washington, Cooper's team finally make themselves useful by shading NCS liaison Kat Goodson (aka The Director's evil sidekick) and sending a rescue unit to save Reddington, Samar and Ressler. These folks waste no time trying to track down Liz, and while Reddington goes about things his own special way (more on that in a moment), Ressler and Samar jet-set to Alaska and find out that Braxton was given pharmaceuticals by a med student named Wilson Bishop.

While Ressler and Samar do things by the book, Reddington strong arms Braxton's network of evil BFFs and finds out that Braxton is meeting The Director in a church –– a totally appropriate location for sinister business conversations. Turns out this corrupt official hired Braxton to find The Fulcrum so that Reddington couldn't use it as leverage against him and his cronies, and of course Red flies to Alaska to take control of the situation. By which we mean he forces Braxton into a car at gun point, obviously.

Elizabeth Unlocks Her Memories, Finds The Fulcrum While Doing So
Despite the fact that she almost died while under hypnosis, Elizabeth decides that she's fine with having her memory tapped, and asks the doctor to work her magic once again. Unfortunately, Reddington breaks in just as things are getting good –– but he green-lights the doctor's continuation of the process, and after some intense music, Lizzy looks up at Red and says...(drum roll, please)..."you were there." Cue gasps and heart-clutching.

Clearly it's time for Red and Lizzy to engage in some real talk, so here's what goes down: Raymond confirms that he was among a group of people who came to Lizzy's house looking for The Fulcrum, and she in turn confirms that she remembers her father dying in the fire. Lizzy then accuses Red of only caring about her because of The Fulcrum, which causes him to well-up with heart-breaking tears. The poor guy is filled with emotion, so he does what any notorious criminal would do: he breaks into The Director's house, hangs Braxton's body from a noose, and throws around a few threats. Unfortunately, The Director retaliates by having Kat Goodson give a press conference outing Red as a criminal at large, but meh –– it's nothing he hasn't dealt with before.

Oh, and in other completely devastating news, Cooper is shown looking traumatized in a doctor's office at the end of this episode, and his health seems to be rapidly deteriorating. Here's hoping he makes it through the rest of this season in one piece! On a lighter note, two important things happen to Lizzy in the episode's final moments: 1) Braxton's hypnotherapist says that her memory of the fire is unreliable, and that it's been tapped into before, and 2) She rips open her stuffed toy bunny and finds –– you guessed it ––The Fulcrum! Which is a tiny box filled with strange wires. Explanation, please.

Burning Questions
1. What is The Fulcrum, exactly? Because to us it looks like either a bomb or a tiny jewelry box, just saying.
2. If Lizzy's memories of the fire are unreliable, was Reddington actually there?
3. Now that Red is officially at large (at least according to the NCS), will he have to go into hiding?
4. Elizabeth didn't actually see her father die –– could he still be alive?
5. Lizzy's mom is hardly ever mentioned. Is she alive, or did she die in the fire?