Blessed be the fruit — "The Handmaid's Tale" will be back for a fourth season.

Hulu has renewed the Emmy-winning drama, which will wrap up Season 3 in two weeks.

Season 3 has followed the aftermath of June's decision not to flee Gilead with her infant baby. She stayed to save her first daughter, Hannah, but encountered setbacks in that quest. She returned to being a Handmaid, attempted to gain the help of Serena (Yvonne Strahovski), and has been marshaling the support of fellow handmaids and the network of Marthas.

"The Handmaid's Tale" was the first streaming show to win a Primetime Emmy. Star Elisabeth Moss also won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama.

The show also earned 11 Emmy nominations this year, though the series as a whole was not eligible. Since three episodes from Season 2 aired within the eligibility window,  only individual nominations were permitted.