Is it time to riot? "The Walking Dead" producers tried to use "Talking Dead" to sell the "Lost" hatch and such -- but the Internet was not buying. The Internet wanted a head to roll, and they wanted to SEE the head, dammit, not spend 90 minutes waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting -- watching what seemed like a thousand commercials -- only to have the show end right at the climactic moment, not showing us which cast member was killed by Negan.

That was the whole build-up to the finale, fans thought -- especially fans of Robert Kirkman's comic book -- and as usual the finale was teased to high heaven by the cast for the emotional weight and trauma. And yet, we won't even see what happened until October, when the momentum will be gone and -- let's be honest -- someone out there will already have spoiled who dies.

Knee-jerk reactions are always strong, and at this point some fans are calling this the worst finale ever. However, "Last Day on Earth" does have defenders, with those fans arguing that the cliffhanger makes the speculation more fun, or that TWD is not the only show to have a cliffhanger and fans should grow up and stop being so butthurt. But viewers have invested so much in this show, and they have a right to feel whatever they feel.
Here are a few of the responses out there:

On AMC's Facebook page:

Neil KelkarYou have GOT to be kidding me. Are you serious? So much hype built up for the season finale equivalent of issue 100 and you ruin it with a cliffhanger. I am so outraged right now. The whole point of issue 100 is a gruesome death and we FIND OUT WHO DIES. Cheap TV sales trick. Honestly this is terrible because by the time season 7 comes, no one will be that affected by who died as much as they could have if they SHOWED who died. Sigh..

Chad ElliottHorrible season finale!! Terribly written and honestly I couldn't care less when the next season begins. This episode was made for advertisement dollars only and in no way for the viewers or the art of creativity!

Tony SprattWe waited an hour and a half to get no answers. Not cool Walking Dead.

Tracey AndersonWalking Dead was just around for an hour and half, everyone is captured and then NOTHING! Someone gets their head smashed in - but we won't find out until next season??This is why the show is losing fans! Completely disappointed!

Matthew ReynoldsWaited a hour and a half in which was 30 min of driving around, 30 min of commercial 20 min of Carol running from reality, and 10 min of intense build up of tension and 30 seconds of being pissed off not knowing who dies so they can get you to continue watching on October. Very disappointing for the hype.

Michelle Gordon Minor So disgusted with the finale. Half commercials. Half long winded speeches meant to build suspense that simply irritated. I think walking dead May henceforth be consigned to Netflix

On Twitter:

Do you think any of the fans who say they're done with TWD really won't watch the Season 7 premiere to see what happens? Some fans said they envy viewers who'll watch TWD for the first time in a binge on DVD or Netflix, since the Season 7 premiere will just be the very next episode, instead of a six-month wait.

How did you feel about the Season 6 finale?

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