After the death of director Garry Marshall earlier this summer, it seemed that the dream of a potential second sequel to "The Princess Diaries" had also left us. But one cast member is still very much on board for another outing starring Princess Mia -- and it seems like everyone else is interested, too.

In an interview with Variety Latino, Hector Elizondo, who played Mia's (Anne Hathaway) bodyguard Joe, said that the entire cast still wanted to make "Princess Diaries 3" a reality. Marshall was the one who got the ball rolling on the potential threequel when he said earlier this year that he had discussed the possibility with Hathaway and Julie Andrews. But after he passed away on July 19, fans wondered if the film would ever happen.

According to Elizondo, it's still a very strong possibility.

"It's not official, but certainly, everybody wants it done," the actor told Variety Latino. "It's been discussed. Gary talked to me— may he rest in peace— about his involvement in it. I know Annie would like to do it. I know Julie would like to do it. I would like to do it. So we're on board, it's a question of when and a question of getting a good story. I'm ready! It's time to go back to Genovia!"

Elizondo, who formed a lifelong friendship with Marshall in the 1960s and appeared in all 18 of the director's films, said that his late pal's shoes would be hard to fill. But if anyone would take over the series, the actor said he'd love it if a woman was given a shot at the director's chair for the threequel.

"First, you have to have a good story," Elizondo added. "Whoever directs it has to understand the story."

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

[via: Variety Latino]

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