If you weren't already choked up that Rick Grimes's final "The Walking Dead" episode airs this Sunday, this video of cast past and present paying tribute to Andrew Lincoln will put you over the edge.

Especially since one of the actors singing Lincoln's praises is Scott Wilson, who recently passed away -- but not before he returned for a flashback appearance. "I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Lincoln once more, so that was really a great day for me," Wilson says in the video.

Norman Reedus says of his BFF and costar, "He's very, very dear to me. And he's taught me to be a better father, a better friend, a better actor."

Danai Gurira insists he's the best leading man on television, and Steven Yeun is so moved, all he can say is, "Andy, I love you."

Leave it to Michael Cudlitz (the always witty Abraham Ford) to joke, "We appreciate his leadership, but... he's a really terrible actor."

Enjoy the video and the nostalgic set photos and have all the tissues ready for this Sunday. Watch the video (which we sadly can't embed) here.