Everything old is new again on Fox. Now that the network no longer has "American Idol," it's looking to new dramas and comedies to fill that ratings void.

Onetime Fox hits "24" and "Prison Break" return, the former with a new star and the latter as a limited series. Also on deck are adaptations of movies "Lethal Weapon" and "The Exorcist." And to capture the magic that "Empire" brought to Fox, the network has ordered another Lee Daniels' series in "Star."

Here are the trailers for Fox's new shows:

"24: Legacy," with Corey Hawkins as a new agent seeking to save the world from terrorists:

"A.P.B", with Justin Kirk as a tech billionaire who buys himself a police precinct:

"The Exorcist":

"Lethal Weapon":

"Making History," with Adam Pally as a time traveler who woos Colonial era Leighton Meester:

"The Mick," starring Kaitlin Olsen as a hot mess who has to raise her sister's kids:

"Pitch" follows a young female pitcher who is the first woman to play in the major leagues:

"Prison Break" finds Wentworth Miller still alive and Dominic Purcell looking to free him from behind bars:

"Shots Fired" is an event series following a racially-charged shooting in a small Southern town:

"Son of Zorn," starring Jason Sudeikis in a voice role on a half-live action, half-animated comedy:

"Star" follows a girl group rising to fame and fortune:

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