Something's fishy!

Jason Segel is getting rave reviews for his role as David Foster Wallace in "The End of the Tour" but there is one scene where he flat-out stinks.

While talking to Seth Myers Wednesday on "Late Night," Segel says in the scene two dogs need to pay attention to him and not to co-star Jesse Eisenberg.

“A dog has no idea it's acting," he says.

So, how did they accomplish this feat?

"They stuffed my pants with salmon so the dogs will swirl around me," he shares. "It's not just great acting, Jesse looks disgusted. It's looks like something stinks."

The two stars take up about 95 percent of the screen time, he estimates, so it was important to have a camaraderie with each other. Prior to this movie, though, the two had never met.

"I'm a huge fan of Jesse's. There's almost like an interrogation going on in this movie so I didn't know what it would be like with Jesse," Segel recalls. "They set up a 'get to know you' dinner."

"You can feel us sniffing each other out," he says, adding that a producer was there and asked him how he got started writing.

"It was sort of my necessity," he recalls saying, "no one was knocking down my door to play Captain America."

Eisenberg, under his breath, yet loud enough for everyone to hear, quips, "'No, but you could probably play the captain of a weaker country."

Watch the trailer for "The End of the Tour" below:

The End of the Tour

"Imagine the greatest conversation you've ever had."
R1 hr 46 minJan 23rd, 2015