Thanks to the massive success of the Marvel movies, every franchise now wants their own "Marvel-style universe" — including "Transformers," which is assembling a "writers room" to plot their next steps.

Deadline reports that "Ant-Man" writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari have joined a team headed by Akiva Goldsman and including "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirman" and "Lost" writer Jeff Pinkner. And it seems the first idea to come out of the brain trust is for a prequel set on Cybertron.

The goal of the writers room is to prep a movie to be ready when Michael Bay finishes filming the Benghazi drama "13 Hours." It's an interesting idea to assemble a TV-style team like this, to brainstorm future sequels, prequels, spinoffs, or even reboots.

"Transformers One" would be an origin story about the robots, good and evil. It could be an animated film or live-action. A prequel could be a merchandising bonanza for Hasbro, with even more robot toys they could sell off the movie. It'll a never-ending circle of movies and toys, until the end of time.