jurassic world, chris pratt, raptorsThink taming velociraptors at Jurassic World is hard? Clearly, Chris Pratt's raptor handler, Owen, has never tried to wrangle a group of walruses.

That latter feat -- as well as a slew of other copycats -- has made headlines in recent days thanks to a new meme inspired by the massively popular "Jurassic Park" sequel. #Prattkeeping pokes fun at the scene in which Owen calms a group of ravenous raptors using only raised arms and his voice, subduing the creatures long enough to let a fallen coworker escape from the hungry predators.

Zookeepers from across the globe have taken up the challenge to soothe their own beasts in a similar manner, some donning vests like Owen's and all adopting the same wide-legged, wide-armed stance, surrounded by fauna of all shapes and sizes. The aforementioned walruses, as well as vultures, sloths, spiders, capybaras, and many more have all joined in the fun. (Scroll through the #Prattkeeping stream on Twitter to get a full taste of the awesomeness.)

As Tumblr user Feminerds (who shared the original walrus image, and is friends with the pictured keeper) said of the meme, "You guys, this is the best." We couldn't agree more.

Check out a few of our favorites below.
prattkeeping, jurassic world, chris pratt

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Photo credit: Universal, Feminerds