By: Monika Bartyzel

As a child, I watched a little of everything. There really was no rhyme or reason -- Incredible Hulk, Muppet Babies, MTV (videos), Cosby, and even some Tom Baker wrapped in a large, striped scarf. But it wasn't until Christopher Eccleston became Doctor Who that I really started to pay attention to the sci-fi icon and his Tardis adventures.

Through a change to Tennant and a myriad of both silly and super creepy stories, The Doctor became ever more addictive, and I wished that he would head for the big screen. Sure, there's a chance that feature film could become an absolute reality, but recently I had a different thought: What if Torchwood brought Who to the big screen?

Torchwood: Children of Earth was a jaw-dropper. The series had started slowly, but as characters succumbed to the dangers of their job, the show became better and better until the long miniseries made it into an entirely new experience. It was epic, dangerous, shocking, and pretty much all the adjectives that would make a good feature film. I might even go so far as to say a better feature film than Who could make, because there was more cinematic intrigue in Torchwood's latest story, and that's more widely marketable than a quirky man who carries a magic wrench travels through time and space. So why not merge the two? It's been well-established that Captain Jack Harkness is obsessed with The Doctor. He's always waiting for him, or looking for him, and if he didn't have his own show, would make for one hell of a companion. So following the devastation created by Children of Earth, Jack could finally find The Doctor once again and set off to save the world from someone or something. The reunion has to happen, and there's no better place for it than in a darkened theater on the brink of imminent danger. Jack and his team could provide the adult darkness while The Doctor serves up comic relief and ingenious problem-solving. ...and it wouldn't hurt if James Marsters showed up...

Well-made, flashy, and engaging, I can't help but think that both Torchwood and Doctor Who would become infinitely bigger and more marketable. We're in a time where lots of science fiction and classic geek fare has found a mainstream audience, so isn't it time a Timelord and his never-can-die friend get a little love?
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