Gina Carbone

Gina Carbone

veep actor disqualified for 2016 emmy nomination replacement to be named

'Veep' Actor Disqualified for 2016 Emmy Nomination, Replacement to Be Named

This is almost as disappointing as Selina Meyer not getting to free Tibet. HBO's 'Veep' was nominated... Read more

man pulls car with his nipples traumatizing america s got talent viewers

Man Pulls Car With His Nipples, Traumatizing 'America's Got Talent' Viewers

OUCH. Not sure about 'talent,' but America's definitely got a high pain tolerance. So ... at least there's... Read more

criminal kevin costner tied up gal gadot the day he met her

'Criminal' Kevin Costner Tied Up Gal Gadot the Day He Met Her

It's not a typical meet-cute story to say you met a superstar when he taped you up as you cried on the... Read more

stephen colbert addresses late show criticism james corden takeover talk

Stephen Colbert Addresses 'Late Show' Criticism, James Corden Takeover Talk

Stephen Colbert seems like a great guy, but there's some truthiness to the idea that he's not connecting... Read more

divergent fans feel betrayed as final film is pushed from theaters to tv

'Divergent' Fans Feel 'Betrayed' as Final Film Is Pushed From Theaters to TV

Wow, they really botched the landing on this one. Fans of 'The Divergent Series' are feeling factionless... Read more

batman v superman dawn of justice honest trailer relaunches fan war

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Honest Trailer Relaunches Fan War

Never mind 'Batman v Superman,' the real fight is Marvel v DC and it is still raging across the Internet.... Read more

big brother 18 spoilers tiffany evicted victor returns

'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Tiffany Evicted, Victor Returns

Will the houseguest evicted Thursday, July 21 on 'Big Brother 18' be the same one to walk back into the... Read more

the international moana trailer is the cutest thing ever

The International 'Moana' Trailer Is the Cutest Thing Ever

If you thought baby Dory was cute (and she was!) check out baby Moana in Disney's adorable new 'Moana'... Read more

leslie jones leaves twitter in tears after attacks twitter ceo responds

Leslie Jones Leaves Twitter in Tears After Attacks, Twitter CEO Responds

Oh, Twitter. You bring out the worst and best (but more often worst) in so many people. 'Ghostbusters'... Read more

see norman reedus prank sweaty sparkly andrew lincoln on walking dead set

See Norman Reedus Prank Sweaty, Sparkly Andrew Lincoln on 'Walking Dead' Set

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon appear to still be alive on 'The Walking Dead,' although one episode in... Read more

idris elba sings panda in a chipmunk voice and it s still sexy

Idris Elba Sings 'Panda' in a Chipmunk Voice and It's Still Sexy

Here's why Idris Elba would be the best choice as the next James Bond: 007 is smooth, charming, witty,... Read more

kristen bell gives frozen sequel update then gets raunchy

Kristen Bell Gives 'Frozen' Sequel Update, Then Gets Raunchy

It has been three years since no one has stopped singing 'Let It Go,' and fans keep asking Kristen Bell... Read more

hbo confirms game of thrones season 7 has 7 episodes summer 2017 premiere

HBO Confirms 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Has 7 Episodes, Summer 2017 Premiere

Disappointment is coming. HBO just announced details on the delayed start and premiere of 'Game of Thrones'... Read more

chris hemsworth and amp chris pine will cross paths in star trek 4

Chris Hemsworth & Chris Pine Will 'Cross Paths' in 'Star Trek 4'

Just call this one 'Star Trek Daddy Issues.' Paramount just announced plans for 'Star Trek 4,' to continue... Read more

see the beautiful new photos of gal gadot s wonder woman

See the Beautiful New Photos of Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman'

Gal Gadot's Diana Prince was a standout in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,' and next year she'll... Read more

vin diesel posts feel good xxx teaser ahead of first trailer

Vin Diesel Posts Feel-Good 'xXx' Teaser Ahead of First Trailer

Today -- Monday, July 18 -- is actually Vin Diesel's 49th birthday. Man, time can be fast and furious.... Read more

bones finale has incredible surprise twist to set up final season 12

'Bones' Finale Has 'Incredible Surprise' Twist to Set Up Final Season 12

'Bones' fans, prepare yourself for 'The Nightmare in the Nightmare,' which is the title of the Season... Read more

what s new on tv netflix digital and dvd blu ray this week july 18 24

What's New on TV, Netflix, Digital, and DVD/Blu-ray This Week: July 18-24

At a loss for what to watch this week? From new DVDs and Blu-rays, to what's new on Netflix and TV, we've... Read more

anton yelchin s parents take out heartbreaking ad to thank fans

Anton Yelchin's Parents Take Out Heartbreaking Ad to Thank Fans

Illustrating the kind of thoughtful people they are, and how they must have raised their son, Irina and... Read more

emmys 2016 kit harington maisie williams earn first nominations for game of thrones

Emmys 2016: Kit Harington, Maisie Williams Earn First Nominations for 'Game of Thrones'

A Girl is now an Emmy nominee! And Jon Snow is not just alive and king, he's up for an Emmy, too. 'Game... Read more