hwoodIt's been a while (Hollywood is forcing me to raise my outragousness standards on a daily basis), but it was only a matter of time before the movie industry gave us another sign of our imminent demise.

Today, Reuters brings us news that Fox 2000 has bought the rights to a novel called Town House. Town House is about "an agoraphobic man living with his teenage son in a Boston townhouse...He falls in love with the real estate agent assigned to sell the home after the bank forecloses on it." Sounds...well, sounds bland to me, but what do I know. Anyway, it's totally reasonable to by the rights to a book, right? What if the book is not only unreleased, but doesn't even have a publisher?! I mean, have mercy.

Life in Hollywood must be seriously miserable for some of the people on the business end - they're at the point where they buy unpublished (maybe never-to-be-published) novels by unproven writers just so that no one else can get them and maybe make a hit. Sigh. Seriously, the world is ending.
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