I'll lead with the actual news: there's a new Star Trek trailer in town. There it is, at the top of the page -- do you see? If nothing else, it's a master class in how to cut a trailer. And they're really doing a great job, in all the marketing, of broadening the franchise's appeal to folks who aren't hard-core Trek fans. I think that people who watch that trailer will want to see the movie even if they've never heard of Star Trek -- and, maybe more importantly, even if they were previously embarrassed to have anything to do with the ultimate nerd obsession.

With that out of the way, I have a confession. I consider myself a Trekkie of moderate order, but my fandom began with Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have seen virtually none of the original series, beyond some of the famous clips and maybe one episode that just happened to be on television. And the earliest Star Trek film I've seen is the kind of lame "passing the torch" installment, Generations. My knowledge of Kirk and Spock is basically limited to the pop culture apocrypha. And of course, a working knowledge of the original mythology is necessary to meaningfully appreciate J.J. Abrams' "reimagining."

But I am in luck! Because this weekend, the Castro Theatre in San Francisco is showing prints of all six of the films I haven't seen, from The Motion Picture to The Undiscovered Country. Three nights, two films (one admission) per night. And lord help me, I will be there for all six. As spending all weekend watching old Star Trek movies in the theatre isn't exactly an enticing proposition for most people I know in real life, I'll be going it alone. So join me! Seriously, come and say hi. I look like this. I'll blog about my marathon experience at the end of the weekend. And probably tweet all the while.