Daniel Grayson died during "Revenge's" completely insane mid-season finale, an event so tragic that our holiday break was spent stuffing yule logs into our faces in mourning. In case you need a quick refresher, poor Daniel was wandering around the beach outside Emily Thorne's house (as ya do) when he made the mistake of going inside only to get shot by corrupt FBI Agent Kate Taylor. The good news is that Jack "Worst Cop Ever" Porter showed up and killed Kate, but the bad news is that Daniel's most definitely dead –– and now Victoria's having a hysterical meltdown all over the place. In other words, it's time for revenge!

Emily Buries The Lead While David Buries The Body

Lest you've forgotten due to one too many shots of holiday eggnog, David Clarke owes a bunch of money to a nefarious Canadian arms dealer named Malcolm Black, and the situation has only worsened now that Malcolm's daughter (aka Agent Taylor) has been killed. Turns out her murder could cause Malcolm to go nuts and destroy everyone in The Hamptons, so David does what any dad would do: he forces Emily to babysit her arch nemesis (aka his lover Victoria) while he cleans up their mess. Too bad he doesn't clean up his beard while he's at it. Help us help you, buddy.

Unfortunately, David's plan isn't without its flaws, because the entire Hamptons police force show up to question Emily. She's forced to concoct a story wherein Daniel showed up drunk, smashed a planter through her window, and then attacked her –– forcing her to shoot him in self defense. Too bad Jack's partner isn't buying it. Officer Ben decides that there's more to Emily's story than meets the eye, so he questions his former crush about why Daniel didn't have any defensive marks on his body. Oh, and he drops the bombshell that Danny Boy was about to be a dad. Feelings. So, does Officer Ben believe Emily's story? That remains to be seen.

Also, if you're wondering what happened to Kate's body, David shoves it in the back of the creepiest van ever and then dumps it in an undisclosed location. Good times!

Nolan and Jack Geek Out And Save The Day... Almost

Time To Check In On Nolan, who unlike everyone else on this show, hasn't murdered anyone lately. Instead, our favorite billionaire spends this episode being super nerdy! Not only does Nols wipe Agent Taylor's phone so Malcolm can't find her, he snags the FAA locators for all of Malcolm's private planes (which is apparently super useful). Meanwhile, Jack takes a break from being literally the worst policeman in the history of policemen to help Nolan clean out Agent Taylor's hotel room, which means Emily's tracks are officially covered!

So, how's Victoria doing now that her son has been murdered? Not good, but at least she's not dead (remember when David tried to poison her last week?). This Queen Bee spends most of the episode mourning the loss of her child, but she does find time for some plotting and scheming (naturally!), and asks Southern socialite Louise Ellis to sneak into Nolan's house and steal the incriminating envelope she'd given Agent Taylor a few weeks ago. Way to cover your stiletto tracks, Victoria!

Of course, this episode doesn't end with everything tied up in a neat bow –– far from it. Nolan learns that Malcolm has traveled to Miami, where it appears as though he's promptly murdered thanks to David telling some mutual enemies about his arrival. Unfortunately, Malcolm is very much alive and makes a bee line for North Hampton where he wastes no time killing Detective Alvarez. So yeah –– we're pretty sure he's coming for Emily –– and he's not alone. Even Margaux wants to see this girl dead as recompense for Daniel's death! Watch your back, Miss Thorne, because M&M have a shiv with your name on it.

And now for some burning questions....

1. Will Margaux find out the truth about Daniel's death? She certainly has the power to investigate....

2. Seriously, how many more terrible decisions can Jack make before he's fired?

3. Will David Clarke eventually go through with his plan to kill Victoria?

4. We're worried about this Malcolm Black fellow... who will he stab in a random parking lot next?

5. Will Ben find out the truth about Emily and sell her out to the police?