So, Daniel Grayson is still dead. Like you, we were hoping that he would rise zombie-like from the grave and go on a revenge spree around The Hamptons, but nope. Daniel's untimely doom has set off a chain reaction, and thanks to the fact that he got himself shot to death there's a new predator trolling around Long Island: Malcolm Black. In case you've forgotten literally everything about last week's episode, Malcolm is a Canadian arms dealer to whom David Clarke owes money, and unfortunately Jack Porter murdered his daughter. Now, Malcolm's in The Hamptons and he's dead set on taking lives...which brings us to our recap!

David Clarke Decides Not To Murder Victoria, Everyone Breathes A Collective Sigh of Relief

Remember a few weeks back when David Clarke tried to kill Victoria by poisoning her wine? Well he still wants her dead, and this week he once again decides to partake in some casual murdering. His plan? To push Victoria off a lighthouse in the hopes that the police will rule it a suicide, and then skip town with Em (presumably so they can start a lifelong father-daughter bonding session in which they wear hoodies and tattoo double infinity signs all over their bodies). Obviously, Emily's all about this plan, but for some strange reason she doesn't want David to kill Victoria.

Emily does, however, feel the need to spend an inordinate amount of time with Jack Porter's partner, Officer Ben, who's up for detective despite the fact that other than Jack, he's basically the most useless policeman of all time. Apparently, Ben's still trying to date Emily and has a new zest for their relationship, but thankfully she rejects him with the excuse that she's skipping town. Phew, talk about dodging a bullet.

Emily Plans Her Last Take-Down and Louise Ellis' True Nature Is Finally Revealed

We've heard whispers of Louise Ellis' politician brother, Lyman, for a few episodes now, and now this handsome fella is officially making his first (super unwelcome) appearance in The Hamptons. Turns out Lyman is in town to book Louise into yet another insane asylum against her will, this time as punishment for all the bad press she's been generating (and also because she's legit crazy / loves herself some attempted murder). The good news is that Nolan Ross is 100 percent Team Louise, and decides to take down Lyman with Emily's help. After all, Nolan only has an MA in revenge, while Emily has at least two PhDs.

Nolan decides the best way to exact revenge on Lyman is by hosting a dinner party (obviously), but Emily is doubtful about Louise's sanity level when she sneaks a peek at her criminal file and finds out that she was accused of assault and battery. She's even more thrown for a loop when she sees Louise with an arsenal of what appears to be Xanax.

Emily decides to let the situation play out over dinner, but when Louise starts seeing visions of her mother and slaps Nolan across his face it seems clear that she's crazy. The catch? The pills Emily found on Nolan's new southern side-kick aren't really Xanax –– her family has been tricking her into taking an anti-malarial drug that leads to paranoid delusions in order to control her inheritance! Naturally, Nolan accuses Lyman of drugging his sister, but he swears blind that he's innocent. Hah! More like lie-man, right? (You're welcome.)

David Concocts The Worst Plan In History of Plans, Jack Helps Because Of Course

At this point, you're probably wondering what Malcolm's deal is. First of all, despite being from Canada, he has a mysterious Irish accent for literally no explicable reason. Second of all, he definitely wants to kill Jack and possibly steal his baby. You know, Jack's baby? Yeah, apparently he's still a character on this show.

Malcolm's presence in town is a huge problem for Po Po Porter, so he meets David in a creepy warehouse, who quickly concocts the following terrible plan: to tell Malcolm that he's holding Kate Taylor hostage and will only give her up if he agrees to leave the country. Of course, Kate is dead in a ditch somewhere (probably Emily's back yard), so this plan isn't without its problems.

Turns out David's actual intention is to murder Malcolm when he comes looking for Kate, which is clearly a terrible idea because David has a history of being really bad at trying to murder Malcolm. Jack is surprisingly smart enough to realize this, and goes behind David's back, stealing the flash-drive of evidence he has on Malcolm and handing it to the police. Malcolm's promptly arrested, but this is far from a happy ending: he gets released almost immediately after his arrest. Oh, Jack. Bless your heart for trying.

Margaux Faints, Emily Gets Shot with A Tranquilizer Gun (Equally Important)

Margaux LeMarchal's pregnancy hormones are officially getting the best of her, and she's taken to telling anyone who will listen that Emily killed Daniel. This week, she visits Officer Ben to plead her case, and after accusing him of corruption for dating Emily, passes out on the floor. Fortunately, Margaux's baby is fine (Daniel's spawn lives on!), but she has high blood pressure due to stress –– which is apparently why Victoria pays her a visit and tells her the truth about Daniel's death (totally relaxing conversation). Unfortunately, Ben overhears their entire conversation and finds out Emily's real identity. It's called whispering Victoria. Learn how to do it.

And now, back to David and Jack's epic failure –– because there's so much more to report. Not only does Emily find out that Victoria gave her name to Kate Taylor a few episodes back (meaning that Daniel's death was at least in part her fault), she meets up with her nemesis at the Montauk lighthouse for a casual screaming match. But these rivals barely have time to exchange insults before Malcolm Black shoots them with tranquilizers. Yep, this Canadian-Irish hybrid knows the truth about Emily, and now he finally has the leverage he needs on David Clarke!

And now, this week's burning questions:

1. Will Victoria and Emily become friends while in captivity? This could be the bonding experience they desperately need!

2. How did Malcolm escape from jail?

3. Is Lyman really responsible for Louise's pill intake?

4. Will David ever follow through with his plan to kill Victoria?

5. What will Officer Ben do with the information he knows about Emily?