"Pretty Little Liars" is heating up, and we're not just talking about Caleb's unfortunate experience in a fiery inferno of doom last week. Not only are the little liars at odds with their paramours (most of whom are either creepily too old or totally unqualified for their jobs –– cough, Toby, cough), they're busy trying to figure out who their stalker is. And no, we're not talking about Ezra (though his ritualistic obsession with four teenagers is somewhat terrifying), we're talking about the omnipresent hoodie-clad villain known as A. This small town murderer is up to the same old tricks this week, but are the liars finally one step ahead of the game? Read our recap to find out.

Mona Contacts the Little Liars From the Grave!

Important update: Mona Vanderwaal's missing laptop is full of secrets, and Caleb (being this show's resident nerd) is on a mission to find it. His unlikely helper? Spencer Hastings, who's determined to solve her former enemy's murder, even if it means betraying Toby. You know, Toby? The guy who was in high school five minutes ago and is now inexplicably a policeman even though we're pretty sure he isn't of legal drinking age? Him. Anyway, Toby isn't thrilled that Spence keeps bending the law, but when she gets a text from Mona's laptop, she and Caleb have no choice but to hunt it down.

After following the laptop's GPS to a storage unit, this unlikely duo find an entire collection of carefully bagged evidence (including a bunch of bloody clothes), as well as Mona's computer and a giant barrel that's definitely big enough for a body. Also, said barrel is surrounded by preserving materials –– meaning Mona's either been "pickled or dissolved" (thanks for the visual, Caleb). Naturally, Spencer thinks that Detective Holbrook is gathering evidence to build a case against the liars, and it looks like she's spot on: Caleb discovers that the storage unit is rented in Hanna's name!

Aria Goes On A Wild Goose Chase, Is Terrible Girlfriend

Despite the fact that she's a brilliant writer (at least according to Ezra, who's judgement when it comes to Aria is somewhat questionable), Aria didn't get into any colleges except for the one her boyfriend's ex works at. And in order to get into said college, Aria wrote a letter full of hateful musings about Ezra to get his ex's good books. Naturally, this terrible plan has backfired all over the place, and now A is determined to ruin Ezria's relationship. Of course, Aria could just tell Ezra the truth (considering that he secretly filmed her / stalked her / wrote a book about her, she deserves some slack), but instead she becomes preoccupied by a mysterious message from "H" asking her to lunch. "H" doesn't end up showing, but he does con Aria into taking a giant bouquet of flowers over to Hanna's house. More on that later.

Also, #thatawkwardmoment where Spencer's gotten into three colleges and Aria's barely gotten into one.

Ted Pops the Question, Toby Joins the Dark Side

Last week, Hanna found out that her mom was sleeping with Jason, which is a) not surprising considering how much the producers of "PLL" love themselves a huge age difference (Ezria, anyone?), and b) concerning due to the fact that Ashley's definitely still dating Pastor Ted. And speaking of Ted, he's back from Peru and more in love with Ashley than ever. In fact he wants to marry her. To make matters worse, Aria's floral arrangement turns out to be to Ashley from "Jason" (read: A), but luckily Hanna intervenes before Ted's proposal is ruined. Then again, Ashley tells him that she "needs time," so it's basically ruined anyway. Poor Ted, always the bridesmaid never the bride. At least he's married to God, right?

And now, back to Spencer and Toby, because things are not good. We smell a breakup on the horizon, and frankly it's all Toby's fault. If this teenage cop could just realize that plotting and scheming with a bunch of high schoolers is more important than "the law," everyone would be so much happier. The good news is that if Spencer and Toby do breakup, she can always rebound with the free-spirited artist named Jonny living in her backyard, who's currently trying to convince her not to attend college. What a catch!

In other news, Emily is still working at Ezra's coffee shop / book store, where she spends most of this episode mourning her relationship with Paige and butting heads with Ezra's new hire, Talia –– who has a huge crush on Ezra. Honestly, if Ezra even thinks of looking at another woman after what he's put Aria through, we will "pull an A" and passive aggressively punish him for the rest of his TV life.

Burning Questions

Is Detective Holbrook working for Ali, and did he rent the storage unit?

Is Mona's body in that creepy barrel? We're almost afraid to find out....

Does anyone else have a sneaky suspicion that Ali isn't A? Anyone?

Will Ashley say "yes!" to Ted, because the poor guy is breaking our hearts.

Are Toby and Spencer going to break up –– and will Spence rebound with Jonny?