Opening Night Of Guns N' Roses' Second Residency At The JointWa wa wee wa! Nicolas Cage is starring in a comedy about Osama Bin Laden. For real.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor is joining forces with "Borat" director Larry Charles to film a satire about a regular joe who goes on the hunt for the terrorist leader. "Army of One" is based on a 2010 GQ article, which chronicled the attempts of construction worker Gary Faulkner to track down bin Laden.

"Army of One" is described as "semi-scripted," which likely means quite a bit of improv. That's clearly in Charles' wheelhouse, as he also directed "The Dictator," "Bruno," and "Religulous." As for Cage, his last film was "Left Behind" (literally). Maybe he'll have better luck with improv.