87th Annual Academy Awards - ShowEddie Redmayne wasn't the only one excited when he took home the Best Actor Oscar at last night's Academy Awards ceremony: Stephen Hawking, the man Redmayne portrayed in "The Theory of Everything," was thrilled, too.

In a Facebook post, Hawking praised Redmayne's win, offering his congratulations to the actor, and adding, "I'm very proud of you."

Hawking had been a vocal supporter of the film, and Redmayne's performance in particular, before, but his praise is no doubt especially appreciated by the newly-minted Oscar winner. In his acceptance speech, Redmayne thanked Hawking, his first wife Jane, and their children for letting him tell their story, and dedicated the statuette to them and to everyone around the globe battling ALS (the disease with which Hawking has been living since the 1960s).

"The Theory of Everything" was nominated for four other Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress.

[via: Stephen Hawking]

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