There are only a few weeks left until "Pretty Little Liars" finally reveals who A is! You know, for the millionth time. But now that Alison DiLaurentis has been cleared in the A-game, the list of suspects is growing at an exponential rate. At this point, anyone could be the "PLL" puppet master, but one thing's for sure: tensions are rising in Rosewood. And we're not just talking about the sexual tension between Spencer Hastings and literally every man on this show who isn't Toby Cavanaugh. Sigh, their vague breakup is still so raw. *crying*

The Liars Join Team Ali, Aria Looks Out For Mike

Last week the little liars learned that Alison definitely didn'tkill Mona Vanderwaal because whoops, she faked her own death only to be murdered. Hate it when that happens. Obviously, this whole situation is super awkward for the liars, and their new mission is to get Ali out of jail. Thank goodness, because she literally spends her time doodling Mona's name and getting cryptic messages delivered by A. In fact, this week Ali received a creepy doll in an orange jumpsuit. Charming!

All the liars are committed to helping Ali (especially Hanna who's ready to reignite their friendship), but Spencer doesn't have time to spring into action because she hops across the pond to London. Thankfully, she appears to be over her unfortunate bunny mural phase, and decides to take an interview at Oxford while staying at her sister Melissa's apartment. Sounds great, except for the fact that A goes on the transcontinental attack by planting a vial of blood in her bag. Said blood ends up leaking all over the place during Spencer's interview, everything gets super awkward, and she heads back to her sister's flat to have a meltdown. But fear not! Melissa's roommate gives Spence a meditative therapy session (that's not weird or anything), and balance is restored to the universe. Also, who wants to bet that these two will be hooking up in 3, 2, 1....

Aria Hunts Down Cyrus Petrillo, Celebrates By Cheating on Ezra

Now that Ali knows the truth about Mona's death, she's all about getting out of jail –– which potentially means throwing Mike Montgomery under the bus. Poor Aria's concerned that her little brother could be A's next target due to his ability to exonerate Ali, so she asks Mrs. Hastings what kind of trouble he would be in for hiding evidence (answer: so much). After sending Aria into a panic, a suspicious Mrs. Hastings visits Ali in jail and agrees to coach her in preparation for the witness stand –– but she discovers something in Ali's file that prompts her to ask Spencer not to come home. Mysterious doesn't even begin to describe it.

While Mrs. Hastings sleuths around Rosewood, Aria decides to hunt down Ali's fake kidnapper, Cyrus Petrillo. She and Hanna head to a hospital where Cyrus is being treated for burns, and he reveals with difficulty that someone named Varjack (Breakfast at Tiffany's reference, anyone?) tried to kill him. Hanna and Aria hope to get more answers, but considering A emerges mummy-like next to Cyrus' hospital bed when they leave, we're thinking he's toast. See you never, friend.

In other news, Aria and Andrew Campbell are still hanging out together, and by hanging out we mean making out. Aria sprains her ankle thanks to standing on an A-rigged weight machine in Mike's room, and Andrew flies to her rescue –– kissing her tear-stained face in the process. Let's just hope Ezra doesn't react to this devastating news by, you know, stalking a bunch of teenagers. Aka his favorite hobby.

Emily Busts Yet Another Move, Ashley Marin Takes The Plunge

Important news for everyone that loved Emily and Hanna's angry-dancing last week: Em is still competing in Rosewood's local beauty pageant, and she pops and locks all over the place this week. In fact, Em and her crush, Talia, dance together –– and Talia even comes to Emily's aid by threatening a pageant supervisor when she says Em should quit due to her connection to Alison. Sure, Talia might claim she's breaking up with her husband and leaving Rosewood, but we have a feeling she'll stick around. After all, Emily's hips don't lie.

On a less romantic note, this episode ends with A stacking twenties into Bibles in the most sinister and un-holy way ever, but if it makes you feel better, Hanna's mom is engaged to Pastor Ted. So...yay?

And now, some burning questions....

1. Who planted the blood in Spencer's bag? Because let's not forget that her semi-evil sister, Melissa Hastings, lives in London...

2. Ummmm...did Aria just cheat on Ezra? We know he wants her to spread those wings and fly, but we're not sure he meant straight into another man's arms. Plus, isn't Andrew a bit young for Aria, being that he's her actual age?

3. Who is Varjack? Is this yet another one of A's pseudonyms?

4. Why doesn't Mrs. Hastings want Spencer to come back stateside? And more importantly, are she and Melissa's roommate about to hook up? What about Toby? Is no teen relationship sacred?!

5. It's great that Ali didn't kill Mona, but can the liars really trust her? Not so sure about that.