House of Bricks, Sesame Street, House of Cards parody"Sesame Street" has come up with yet another perfect pop culture parody with "House of Bricks," a clever take on Netflix series "House of Cards."

The segment stars Frank Underwolf, doing his best Kevin Spacey impression, in a spin on the classic tale "The Three Little Pigs." Underwolf wants to blow down houses made of straw and sticks so he can get into the one he really wants: "The White Brick House."

Underwolf's southern drawl and penchant for delivering monologues into the camera -- which confuses the Three Little Pigs -- are a spot-on parody of the Netflix series, as is the twist ending, in which nothing is as it seems. Check out the clever clip below.

Season three of "House of Cards" debuts on Netflix on February 27.

Photo credit: YouTube