8th Annual Exploring the Arts Gala - ArrivalsWell this is... something. Bruce Willis, who has recently given up trying to choose what projects will be interesting and fresh and retain his brand as a worldwide star and has instead been starring in a series of direct-to-video-ish action movies and other franchise junk (and yet he sat out "Expendables 3"?), will make his Broadway debut this fall in a stage adaptation of Stephen King's "Misery." No, this is not some kind of elaborate joke. This is 100% true.

Willis will play the captive author essayed by James Caan in Rob Reiner's Oscar-winning film adaptation. Starring opposite him, as the homicidal super-fan Annie Wilkes is Broadway veteran Elizabeth Marvel. William Goldman, who wrote the film adaptation, has returned to write the book for the play (hopefully retaining some of the more fantastical elements that were jettisoned in the final film).

Little other information has been provided besides the play being a "strictly limited engagement." But you know we'll be there, mainly just to show Willis support and encourage him that he doesn't have to do another action movie co-starring 50 Cent.