"Revenge" has returned from winter hiatus, which means we can finally get back to the task of mocking Jack Porter for being the worst policeman of all time, bless his heart. More importantly, Jack finally confesses his feelings for Emily Thorne this week –– so grab some popcorn, prepare for copious man-tears, and settle into this recap.

David Thorne Makes An Unlikely Friend, Victoria Grayson Goes Out For Blood

Important news: David Clarke has taken to spending his days trolling around the beach, turning down business meetings (as if anyone would hire him), and making friends with Victoria Grayson's new nemesis, Natalie. You know, the rich lady who seems dead set on making Kim Richards hate her? Well, Natalie actually happens to be Grandfather Grayson's widow, and apparently she has possession of the entire family fortune! In fact, all Victoria gets is a couple incontinent Corgis, who –– let's be honest –– will probably die of starvation and neglect within weeks.

Victoria is convinced that Natalie's a gold digger who's out for the Grayson fortune, so she hits up Lyman Ellis to help challenge Grandfather Grayson's will. Victoria and Lyman discover that Natalie was fired from her nursing gig for swindling money from a patient, and now it looks like they're setting their stunners to destroy! Let's just hope no Corgis are harmed in the process.

Jack and Emily Con Margaux, Are Total Dream Team
Good news: Daniel Grayson's love child is happily baking away in Margaux LeMarchal's belly, and all those hormones are making her crazier than ever. All Margaux wants is to ruin Emily's life with a video of her and Jack confessing to killing an FBI agent, and you better believe she'll stop at nothing to take her down. Hah, as if. Here's what happens:

After Jack has his minion (aka that kid of his we never see) slip a hacking-device / beaded bracelet on Margaux, Emily breaks into her office and steals the video. Meanwhile, Nolan's wife, Louise Ellis, distracts Margaux's fleet of haters (aka the FBI) by pretending to be lost in the building, while Emily lurks in Margaux's office and smirks like a deranged psychopath. You know, just making some casual memories!

Jack Reveals His Feelings, Forms One-Man Pity Party While Doing So

In case you'd forgotten (or, more likely, repressed it), Emily and Officer Ben are still dating, which means Jack is still crying on the inside. And also the outside, to be honest. Basically, Pouty Porter is a shadow of his former self, and he's taken to whimsically staring at sea glass all day. In fact, he's so overcome with emotion and "sea glass feels" that he decides to declare his love for Emily once and for all! Too bad she completely rejects him and he ends up crying. So...yeah...that's awkward.

Finally, it should be noted that Margaux is currently blackmailing Officer Ben because she has some dirt on the location of his ex-wife. Will Ben capitulate and throw Emily under the bus? This and more burning questions below....

1. Does Emily really not have feelings for Jack, or is she just trying to protect him from getting hurt?
2. Will Victoria successfully contest her father-in-law's will?
3. Are David and Natalie about to start dating, because Victoria's reaction is going to be terrifying.
4. What's the story with Officer Ben's ex-wife?!