Thor, SNLIn case you thought Thor was a little too self-serious in the first "Saturday Night Live" are here to prove you wrong.

In a skit from this weekend's episode, which marked Hemsworth's "SNL" debut, the actor gamely donned his Thor costume once more and imagined what the end of upcoming sequel "Avengers: Age of Ultron" might look like, after the heroes defeat the titular villain. Turns out, Thor is pretty pumped to beat the bad guy, and celebrates by taking over a local newscast -- and triumphantly dumping a vat of Gatorade on unsuspecting team leader Nick Fury (Jay Pharoah, playing Samuel L. Jackson's part from the first flick), among other excited shenanigans.

Check out the clip below, including a hilariously self-serious performance by Beck Bennett as Captain America (and Hemsworth making fun of him in the background). Other Avenger cameos include Taran Killam as a deadpan Iron Man and Pete Davidson as a bewildered Bruce Banner.

Can the real "Age of Ultron" ending be this fun?

[via: Saturday Night Live]

Photo credit: YouTube