San AndreasYou know how we all feel like California might fall off the rest of the country and into the ocean if a really huge earthquake hits? Well, now we can see what that might look like in the new trailer for disaster flick "San Andreas."

A quake of such magnitude hits that Paul Giamatti ominously warns, "The Earth will literally crack open. And you will feel it on the East Coast." Whoa!

Skyscrapers crumble, infrastructure collapses, and a tidal wave threatens to take out the Golden Gate bridge. In the midst of that, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson saves Carla Gugino, and the two go on the run to find a way out of the hellscape that California becomes. "San Andreas" looks like a pretty typical disaster movie, with jaw-dropping scenes of destruction and heart-tugging moments of tragedy.

"San Andreas" opens in theaters May 29.