Orphan Black
Attention, members of the "Orphan Black" clone club! As if we weren't already waiting on tenterhooks for the next season of this insanely addictive show, BBC America has released another little teaser to stoke our excitement.

Last season ended with a crazy revelation that there's a whole set of male clones, and they've kidnapped our poor Helena. Ari Millen plays the four male clones from Project Castor, and according to him, they "were raised like a little wolf pack in a military-type setting. They're self-aware and aware of each other and aware that they're multiples and different and special and that they have their own purpose. ... The differences in how they relate to each other is one of the coolest things about it." Any way you slice it, it's clear that the clones of Project Leda, played by Tatiana Maslany, are up against some very tough customers.

"Orphan Black" returns to BBC America on April 18.

[Via People, io9]