Still recovering from Jack Porter getting a DUI during last week's episode of "Revenge"? The feeling is mutual, but we have some good news: Emily Thorne is here to save the day (and hopefully encourage Jack to stop staring woefully at sea glass in his free time). This professional revenger is out for blood now that Margaux LeMarchal has messed with her childhood sweetheart, but let's just say things don't go according to plan.... Unless the plan is utter and complete devastation, that is.

Jack Gets A Social Worker, Nolan Gets A Date

It's somewhat ironic to see Jack in prison considering that he was a policeman about five minutes ago (his life is literally the most depressing thing ever), and as you might expect he's devastated. Fortunately, Em flies in Jack's lawyer mother who gets him out of the slammer –– and thank God because apparently poor Baby Carl has been hanging with Known Murderer David Clarke. So worried.

The bad news is that Jack's appointed a social worker, and this newcomer is basically like a) you're letting your child hang with a terrorist, and b) said child's daycare center is at a bar. Both true statements, but Jack is a great father –– something Nolan convinces the social worker over a drink. New couple alert!

So, what about those pesky felony charges? Well, Emily breaks into the home of Margaux's henchman and gets her hands on Jack's stolen blood sample –– but his mom is held in contempt when she tries to use it in court. You guessed it: the judge presiding over Jack's case is in Margaux's pocket, but Em easily solves the problem by getting Ben to pull her over for a faux DUI and some casual blackmail. Looks like Jack is a free man! Sigh, you've done it again, Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke.

Victoria Gets Cozy with Margaux, Is Doting Grandmother-To-Be

Wondering what Queen Victoria is up to now that she's reclaimed her throne? Obsessing over her dearly departed son, the Misunderstood Poet / Wearer of Cowl Necks known as Daniel Grayson, that's what. This Hamptons' party-starter is devastated when a hospital board votes down her offer to donate a new wing in Daniel's name, and after accusing Emily of being the the voice of opposition, she finds out that it's actually Margaux who voted down her proposal. Turns out Margaux didn't want to reveal her pregnancy to the world while Daniel's name was tainted, but she and Victoria make amends over some baby gifts, and Margaux even agrees to change her vote! Looks like these two are officially on the same team –– let's hope they're ready for a game of doubles with Emily and Nolan!

Louise Reveals The Truth, Margaux Experiences A Loss

Remember how Louise kinda-sorta-maybe killed her brother by refusing to help him when he fell off a cliff? Yeah, well she left his body to rot on the beach, and now Officer Ben Hunter is getting his investigation on. Louise doesn't tell Ben the truth –– but she does tell Nolan what really happened to Lyman, and he encourages her to keep it hush-hush. Huh. Sounds like the worst plan ever, to be honest.

Of course we can't forget that Lyman was working for Margaux, and this media mogul thinks Emily had a hand in his death. Margaux's so distraught that she refuses a truce when Emily shows up outside the LeMarchal offices to fork over a copy of her real birth certificate, and if that's not upsetting enough, she up and gets hit by a cab. Sadly, Margaux loses her baby and her sanity all in one fell swoop, because yes, she lies and claims Emily pushed her. And it looks like Victoria believes every word!

And now, some burning questions....

1. Are Jack and Emily going to get together? There wasn't too much going on between them this week, which was somewhat disappointing.

2. Looks like Nolan has a new love interest –– but how will his wife feel?

3. Speaking of Louise, it's only a matter of time before Officer Hunter finds out she had a hand in Lyman's death. Is she going to end up in jail?

4. How will Margaux and Victoria get revenge on Emily?