Fear the Walking Dead, walking dead spinoff
The upcoming "Walking Dead" companion series, "Fear the Walking Dead," aired its first promo during the original show's fifth season finale Sunday night, offering fans a short tease of what's to come on the new drama.

The 15-second clip features a radio newscaster warning Los Angeles residents to get their flu shots, since there have been "reports in five states of a strange virus going around." Of course, longtime "Walking Dead" fans know that this ultimately leads to the zombie outbreak, but "Fear" takes place in a slightly earlier timeline than the first series -- and conventional wisdom says that all sick people should do is simply get some rest and "take care of yourself."

There are a couple quick glimpses at walkers in the clip, first a pack of them roaming through what looks like a street carnival, and another, longer shot of a lone zombie shambling toward the frame. We'll see how many more are introduced during "Fear"'s first season, which spans six episodes this summer before a full, second season is due in 2016.

"Fear the Walking Dead" stars Kim Dickens,Cliff Curtis,Alycia Debnam Carey, and Frank Dillane.

[via: AMC]

Photo credit: AMC